Events Submission Policy

Go! Abbotsford Community Event Calendar Policy


The Tourism Abbotsford Society (TAS) Community Event Calendar, under the brand “Go! Abbotsford”, has been developed in partnership with the City of Abbotsford and is one of the key actions from the City’s Culture Connect Strategy. It is intended to promote upcoming special events, festivals and arts and culture activities open to the general public and to support arts and culture, entertainment and community involvement.

Guidelines for Go! Abbotsford Listings

Events are held on a unique website overseen by TAS, with links to as listed on and To be published in Go! Abbotsford and/or to receive marketing support from TAS, your event(s) must meet the following criteria:

  • Location
    • Events must take place within the Abbotsford region.
  • Public Events
    • All events must be open to the public (free or ticketed).
  • Permitting
    • If your event/listing requires a Special Events Permit from the City of Abbotsford you must have obtained, or, be in the process of obtaining a Special Events Permit with the City of Abbotsford. For more details on acquiring a Special Events permit, please review the Outdoor Special Events, Filming and Activities Bylaw, 216 (Bylaw No. 2513-2016).
      • Events that do not fall under the Outdoor Special Events, Filming and Activities Bylaw may still have permit, approval, or licensing requirements from other jurisdictions and that it is the event organizer’s responsibility to ensure they are meeting all these requirements.
    • Events requiring a Special Events License may be requested to share post-event information.
  • Submission Criteria
    • Events should be open to the general public and generally fit under the following event type categories:
      • Culture & Heritage
      • Performing Arts
      • Visual Arts & Film
      • Festivals & Events
      • Music & Concerts
      • Literary Arts
      • Sports
      • Expos & Trade Shows
      • Culinary
      • Agriculture Experiences
      • Community Connections
    • Submission Process
      • The Event Organizer must provide all relevant information before event posting including:
        • Is your event new to Abbotsford? (Y/N)
        • Poster/Image
        • Event Name
        • Description
        • Date(s) & Time
        • Event Website
        • Location
        • Ticket Pricing (Paid/Free)
      • All events will be reviewed, and if accepted, the event will be posted within 3-5 business days. TAS reserves the right to accept, revise, reject, or cancel, in whole or in part, any event at its discretion. Please contact if you have any questions regarding these guidelines or the event submission process.
    • Disallowed Events
      • TAS will not share the following events:
        • Events that promote hatred, discrimination, or violence.
        • Events that promote political, racial, or religious movements, e.g. marches, rallies, or membership drives.
        • Fundraising events unless they are for registered charities or non-profit organizations.
        • Events that conflict with any applicable City By-Laws, laws, or policies.
        • Regularly scheduled events for an organization unless agreed upon by TAS and the Event Organizer. Please contact for consideration regarding regularly scheduled events.


Go! Abbotsford is an online Community Event Calendar moderated by Tourism Abbotsford Society, in collaboration with the City of Abbotsford. It is provided as a community service to Abbotsford residents, visitors, and community organizations. Though the calendar is moderated for posting appropriate events based on the guidelines above, TAS does not endorse nor verify the information included.

Publication of an event on Go! Abbotsford does not mean that TAS or the City of Abbotsford is sponsoring or supporting the event in any way.

TAS is not responsible for the accuracy of event listings, and it is the responsibility of the Event Organizer to inform TAS of changes to the information submitted. All additions and corrections should be emailed to

TAS reserves the right to reject any calendar entry which does not comply with this policy.